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Subject Code – PRO100
Subject Name – Information Systems Project Management
University Name – Laureate International Universities, USA

Information Systems Project Management

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You will learn about the project management process in this PRO 100 Information Systems Project Management subject, which includes project planning, control development, plan execution, and more. The student will gain information and skills necessary to manage a successful project. In this subject, students will learn how to plan and organize projects in an organization to ensure success. The project’s framework, which is linked to the organization’s principles, is critical. You’ll be able to explain the three main forms of project structure: matrix, pure project, and functional.

Laureate International Universities

Laureate International Universities is a network of more than 20 educational institutions in Latin America and the United States. These universities offer multiple undergraduate, postgraduation, and specialized degree programs to students.

Assessment Details

Subject learning outcomes:

⦁    Develop recommendations for Information Systems Project Management.
⦁    Utilize Project Management concepts in contemporary industry settings.

In this assessment, students are required to study a project case and develop a project schedule for that project. You are required to answer questions related to project risk management, communication management, and the project duration reduction technique.

In response to the case study provided, write a consultative report focusing on the various processes in project knowledge areas, including the management of project schedule, cost, risk, and resources.


Task 1: (15 marks)
⦁    Create a new Project Libre file, name it “Task 1”;
⦁    Set the start date of the project; (1mark)
⦁    Enter an appropriate title for this project; (1mark)
⦁    Set all tasks to be auto-scheduled; (1mark)
⦁    Enter the public holidays in the Project Libre file; (1mark)
⦁    Enter all the activities in this project preserving the hierarchy of the WBS; (2marks)
⦁    Make sure that the project title appears as the overall project summary at top of the
⦁    activities list. It must appear as task 0 with WBS number 0; (1mark)
⦁    Enter all milestones at the end of the task list; (1mark)
⦁    Enter task durations assuming that ONLY ONE of each type of the required resource would
⦁    be allocated to the task for now unless the task has a fixed duration. (2marks)
⦁    Add a “WBS Predecessors” column after the “Task Name”. (1marks)
⦁    Enter all the predecessor information for each task and milestone. (1mark)
⦁    Highlight the critical path. (1mark)

Task 2: (10 marks)
⦁    Duplicate “Task 1” and name it “Task 2”. You should have two files saved: “Task 1” and “Task 2”. Complete Task 2 requirements in “Task 2”.
⦁    Allocate 300% of SD to activity 4.3 assuming that the total amount of work measured in “person-week” is unchanged. (1mark)
⦁    In the Word document, report the duration as well as the end date of this project post the previous change. Report whether the additional resources allocated to activity 4.3 resulted in any changes in the duration of activity 4.3. Why or why not? Do the additional resources always result in a reduction of the activity to which the additional resources are allocated? Critically explain why or why not. (3mark)
⦁    Resolve resource over-allocation issues (if any). For this project, do not “split tasks” and do not allow leveling to “adjust invidious assignments on a task”. (2 marks)
⦁    In the Word document, report in detail how you resolved resource over-allocation issues in ProjectLibre. Compare the duration and the end date prior to and post resolving resource over-allocation issues. Critically explain why there has or has not been a change. (4marks)

Task 3: (20 marks)
Create a word document and provide the following information,

Task 4: (15 marks)
In the Word document, outline at least two strategies that can be used to reduce the duration of this project by two weeks, and the impact on project scope, cost, and risk. The total word count should not exceed 400 words. However, you need to be specific about your strategy. For example, “reduce the duration of activity 3.1” is not regarded as specific. Why would you choose that particular activity or activities among all the activities? How you would go about reducing the duration of that activity?

Task 5: (20 marks)
The enrolment officers and students are two important groups of stakeholders in this project. In the Word document, report the following:
⦁    What are the communication methods (pull or push) you would use to communicate to either of these two groups of stakeholders? (5marks)
⦁    At the commencement of this project, do either of these two groups of stakeholders need to be notified of the commencement of this project? If so, draft an email for the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of ABCU to communicate that to the stakeholder. If not, justify why that stakeholder should not be notified. Your answer for this part should not exceed 150 words. (7 marks)
⦁    Upon ABCU accepting the end product (i.e. the online enrolment system), do either of these two groups of stakeholders need to be notified of the status of the project at this stage? If so, draft an email for the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of ABCU to communicate to that stakeholder. If not, justify why that stakeholder should not be notified. Your answer for this part should not exceed 150 words. (8 marks)


It is essential that you use the appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing here:


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