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This course will facilitate students in developing and creating mobile applications for Android and iOS.


As an IT professional or expert, one should know how important and beneficial mobile applications are in today’ era.

With the growing number of people with internet access via smartphones, there is an exponential demand for mobile applications.

Customer friendly mobile applications have an unique ability to engage a large number of potential customers.

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Android Development
The purpose of this assignment is to test students’ Android development skills. It is an individual task.
This assignment requires a student to develop an Android application that uses multiple activities, which are related using Intents.
To write the application he/she will need to use the Android Studio (IDE) 3.2 or latest version.
The application should be created to display correctly on an emulated Nexus 5X ( 1080 X 1920 pixels in portrait orientation) – however, by using sizes specified in “density independent pixels” (dp).

1.Create an application. It should have two features:
(i) An employee’s total weekly pay equals the hourly wage multiplied by the total
number of regular hours plus any overtime pay. Overtime pay equals the total
overtime hours multiplied by 1.8 times the hourly wage. Write an app that takes as inputs the hourly wage, total regular hours, and total overtime hours and displays an employee’s total weekly pay.
(ii)Write a program that accepts the lengths of three sides of a triangle as inputs. The program output should indicate the type of a triangle – Equilateral triangle,
Isosceles triangle or Scalene Triangle.

The main screen (activity) of the app. must provide a method to select one of the two apps offered. You can use two buttons to offer the selection. Name the buttons follow by last two digits from your student ID. For example: “option 1 x” where “xx” is the last two digits from your student ID.

The app. must,
– Have a total of three different activities.
– Properly support orientation changes. Specifically, it should not lose values/stat information.

2.Write a one page report on:
How do developers debug and test Android applications?

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