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Subject Code – ITECH2250
Subject Name – IT Project Management Techniques
University Name – Federation University, Australia


IT Project Management Techniques
ITECH2250 IT Project Management Techniques, a course provided by Federation University, Australia aims to develop knowledge among students about traditional project management methodologies. The project management process group model is utilized as a tool for executing IT projects, and the product and project life cycles are analyzed. Throughout the course, current topics in IT project management are reviewed, and project management software skills are built.

Gantt  Charts for IT Project Management
A Gantt chart is a project management tool that describes a project plan. It usually contains two sections: on the left, a list of tasks is outlined, and on the right, a timetable with scheduling bars is used to visualize work. Task start and end dates, milestones, task dependencies, and assignees can all be included in the Gantt chart. Project managers use Gantt charts for the following reasons-
Planning and scheduling lengthy projects
Determine logistics and task management
Ensure progress of the project

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Federation University, Australia

Federation University, Australia is a public educational university in  Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. The university has spread its network of campuses in  Ballarat, Berwick, Brisbane, Gippsland, and the Wimmera providing easy access to students.

Assessment Details

Objectives of the Assessment-
• Observe real-world information technology challenges and solve them using project management principles and methodologies;
• Identify essential roles and stakeholders in information technology projects using systems thinking approach;
• Demonstrate decision-making procedures for resolving a variety of IT project difficulties;
• Apply a variety of organizational and self-management abilities to simulate the work of information technology project managers in the actual world.
• Recognize the importance of efficient communication in resolving difficulties in IT projects.

Case Study – The WOWS Project ( Individual Assignment)

For this assessment task, students are required to create a Project Charter for the case study “The wows project”. The project sponsor has appointed you as the project manager and you decide to use the Agile SCRUM methodology. While preparing the Project Charter report, you need to express clearly the vision (why do this project), the mission (what is to be done), and the success criteria for this project. You will also need to:
• Identify other stakeholders, in consultation with the sponsor;
• Predict high-level costs involved in the project;
• Hire a team for the duration of the project; and
• Devise a high-level plan for the number of sprints involved in the project and the objective for each sprint cycle.

The Project Charter needs to include information such as:
• Project title and date of authorization
• Project manager’s name and contact details
• Brief description of objectives and vision for the project
• Summary budget
• success criteria for the project
• Project scope
• Summary schedule
o Start and end dates for each sprint
o Milestones/objectives for each sprint
• An approach on how to do the project, including:
o Procedures or process of work
o Assumptions and constraints if any
• Roles and responsibilities
• Sign-off section for all stakeholders


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