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In COIT11226 – System Analysis students will get the opportunity to investigate challenges that demand technology solutions, as System analysis entails establishing what a system must accomplish.
This section covers topics like system feasibility, eliciting user requirements, and systems modeling. Students will learn how to analyze system requirements, choose a system, and plan how to get it through all stages of the system development life cycle.

Assessment Details

The following assessment is based on the Project case “Fast and Healthy Foods (FHF). Students are required to:
(a) investigate and identify the user/ system requirements, and
(b) document the analysis results using various types of modeling diagrams.

1. Tasks

Complete the following tasks and document your work for your submission:

1. Explain your choice of the three most useful techniques for identifying users’ expectations/
requirements on the new FHF’s automated information system (thereafter simply referred
to as the “new system”) and the reasons for choosing these three techniques.
Note that this new system to be developed should support all the business operations at FHF as described in the business case document.

2. After analyzing your collected information, produce the following UML diagrams for the new system:

(a) A Use Case Diagram: It should show all the “critical” use cases in the entire new system.

(b) A Domain Model Class Diagram: It should include all important classes needed in the entire new system.

(c) An Activity Diagram: You only need to draw an activity diagram for those tasks related
to customer ordering and fulfillment.

(d) A System Sequence Diagram: You only need to draw a system sequence diagram for
those tasks related to customer ordering and fulfillment.

Note that when developing each diagram, you may make some assumptions (e.g., related to
the detailed operational workflow) to support your analysis of the new system. If this is the
case, state your assumptions in the report to support your analysis.

Report Layout

Your report should be organised using the following headings and guidelines:

A “Separate” Cover Title Page
• Should include your name, student ID, campus, tutor, and the word count of your report.
If the word count of your report falls outside the range “1000 to 1500 words”, marks will
be deducted from your submission.
An Introduction
• Should clearly define the objectives of this report. Additionally, outline your major
findings in the Introduction.

Task 1 (Requirements Identification Techniques)

• Explain the three most useful techniques used to identify user/system requirements for
the new system. Also, explain why you choose these three techniques.

Task 2 (UML Modelling Diagrams)

• Assume that you have chosen the object-oriented (O-O) analysis approach for systems
development. Draw the following four UML diagrams to capture users’ requirements.
Note that these diagrams should be drawn for the “new” system to be developed, not for
the existing manual system.
o A Use Case Diagram for the entire system.
o A Domain Model Class Diagram for the entire system.
o An Activity Diagram (for customer ordering and fulfillment only).
o A System Sequence Diagram (for customer ordering and fulfillment only).

• Each of the above diagrams should be accompanied by clear explanations and
assumptions (s).

Summary and Conclusion

• A summary of your findings. Also, your recommendation as to whether or not the project
should continue, and if yes, how to continue.


• This section should include at least five references with their related in-text citations. The
Harvard Referencing Style should be used. For more details, refer to the link:

2. Tasks

Assuming that the waterfall model has been chosen for implementing the new PC-based system to replace the current manual system. Also assuming that some programs have been written and are ready, whereas some other programs are not yet ready.

Complete the following tasks and document your work for submission:
1. Testing:
a. Identify (and explain why) which types of testing are applicable to the new PC-based
system at FHF.
b. For each applicable type of testing identified in (a) above, discuss the following:

• When (i.e., in what phase(s) of the software development life cycle) should this type of testing be conducted? Why?
• Briefly explain the concept of this type of testing.
• Who are the main stakeholders involved in this type of testing?

2. As stated in the FHF’s business case document, the current system is a totally manual
system. On the other hand, the new system should be run on the PC platform.
Thus, new data files (or a new database) must be created to support the operation of the new system.
What is the name of this exercise?
Why this task is important for the outcome of the new system.

3. The design of the new system will be largely different from the existing manual system. In
view of this, describe those techniques the project team can implement to help end users
familiar with the operation of the new system. For each of these techniques, discuss its
advantages and disadvantages.

4. In view of the business operations of FHF, which system deployment option should be
used? Why? (Note: In this task, select the most appropriate option. In other words, you are
not allowed to select two or more options.)

The layout of the Report is mentioned above for reference.


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