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    Updated March 10, 2022
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    ITECH7409 Software Testing

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    Software Testing

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    Federation University, Australia



    Software testing is a course that equips students with the knowledge and understanding required to plan, document,

    Software testing is a course that equips

    and undertake testing at different stages of an implemented software system.

    students with the knowledge and understanding required to plan, document, and undertake testing at different stages of an implemented software system.

    Software testing is the process of evaluating software to detect errors, security breaches, and performance problems. Due to difficulty of testing students seek for software testing assignment help. If you have any questions regarding assignment services, you can contact right away.

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    What Does Software Testing Mean?

    Software testing is a technique of examining software to see if it is suitable for the task for which it is being built and is free of flaws.

    Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

    The Waterfall Model

    Waterfall Model advantages and disadvantages

    ⦁ Works from definitions of requirements (broad descriptions) to more detailed activities.
    ⦁ Easily imported into project management tools.

    ⦁ Sequential nature precludes revisiting an earlier activity which is considered finished. Each step finishes with a milestone so it is probable that generated in a particular stage a defect could go undetected until after the milestone has been reached.
    ⦁ Testing is done quite late in project development.
    ⦁ Cannot accommodate customer changes to requirements.


    Boehm’s Spiral Model of Software Development

    Cummulative Cost
    Deliverd orders
    Client Ratings

    Agile Software Development

    AGILE Project Life Cycle Model

    Software Reliability Specification

    Software reliability focuses on the probability that a software component will produce an incorrect output.


    Research on Software Testing and Standards

    The purpose of this research is to:
    ⦁ Improve comprehension and research skills.
    ⦁ Develop a better understanding of professional industry standards for software testing.
    ⦁ Test and evaluate different software systems.

    Learning Outcomes:-
    ⦁ Evaluate software requirements as inputs toward testing of the final solution.
    ⦁ Analyse and critically evaluate appropriate tools and techniques to support the testing process.
    ⦁ Develop a good understanding of selecting and applying measures and models used for testing that are compliant with the appropriate professional industry standards such as the ACS and IEEE
    ⦁ Analyse and evaluate software requirements.

    Students need to prepare a research paper related to the software testing referring to at least one standard.
    Research, comprehend and analyse each document (both the paper and the chosen standard) to find relevant details to answer a set of questions, and prepare a written summary report of findings.

    Questions for the standard that has been used in the research paper:
    • What is the standard name? Title and number
    • Who holds the copyright for the standard?
    • Amongst the acknowledged contributors to the document, which
    universities were involved (if any)?
    • What is the scope or intent of the standard?
    • What are key terms and understandings needed for the standard to be
    understood and applied?
    • In your own words, what does application of the standard result in? Or in other words, what does the standard do?
    • Finally, what specific relevance to software testing is the standard?

    Research Report should not exceed more than 1500 words. The report should be prepared in the following format:
    ⦁ An introduction to standards and a brief description of the research paper and chosen standard.
    ⦁ Responses to questions for the standard.
    ⦁ Listing and a discussion of similarities and differences between the two documents.
    ⦁ A conclusion summarizing the report findings.


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