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Subject Code – SWE4202
Subject Name – Computing Infrastructure
University Name – University Of Boston, USA

Computing Infrastructure

The subject Computing Infrastructure of the University of Boston is taught to students to introduce them to the fundamental concepts of computing infrastructure:
The functions and working of system hardware and software components.
Networking principles, protocols and hardware.
Investigation of operating systems and client server principles.
Design of scripts to implement and support services for business context.

University Of Boston

University of Boston is a research institute in Boston, Massachusetts. The university comprises the excellence of 4000+ faculty members who cater 400+ graduation and profesional courses to the students.

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Assessment Details

Learning Outcomes assessed:
Explain the hardware and software features of the systems, as well as the services supplied.
Solve an issue using networking ideas and protocols.

In 2022, the United Kingdom’s government relaxed the majority of the limitations imposed in response to the Covid- 19 pandemic. The government is acutely aware, however, that while the virus’s overall impact on the population has lessened as a result of rigorous testing and subsequent vaccination programs, scientists have yet to gain a thorough knowledge of the virus, its long-term effects, and mutations.
The government has assigned your firm, CapsidAnalytics, with conducting additional inquiries and studies in preparation for the next major pandemic in this made-up scenario.
Your firm’s mission is to research not only the Covid-19 virus in particular but also viruses in general, including their spread patterns and long-term effects on population health.

You’ve been tasked with determining the right infrastructure for this business as the SysOps Lead.


Write a 4000-word report (+10% and -10% tolerances are acceptable).
The report should detail and justify the proposed systems’ hardware and software, including related features to support the firm’s digital services. Furthermore, a reasonable networking strategy should be included with details of principles and protocols to support digital services. A network diagram must be included and discussed in this section.

Secondary Research Report

It is expected that the Reference List will contain between five and ten sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include one refereed academic journal and three academic books.


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