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Lucy Martin
Updated April 14, 2022
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MN692 Capstone Project

Subject Code



Subject Name


Capstone Project

University Name


Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Introduction of Capstone Project


Capstone Project - Individual and Group Assessments
MN692 Capstone Project, a unit offered by Melbourne 

Capstone Project- Individual and

Institute of Technology, Australia is a technical as well as a theoretical assignment that requires students to work in groups and conceptualize, research, design, plan and execute a substantial capstone project.

Group Assessments
MN692 Capstone Project, a unit offered by Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia is a technical as well as a theoretical assignment that requires students to work in groups and conceptualize, research, design, plan and execute a substantial capstone project.

MN692 Capstone Project is a weekly assessment that carries four different assignments that need to be completed and submitted at regular intervals of time. We understand that being a university-going student you have numerous other tasks to do. To complete the assignment on time you not only have to manage your time but also require technical as well as creative skills to craft a successful project.

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Assessment Details

Learning Outcomes

⦁ Demonstrate the capacity to conceptualize, investigate, develop, plan, and implement a large capstone project.

⦁ Adapt and use the knowledge and abilities gained during the course’s main sections in developing and completing a capstone project in a networking-related field.

⦁ To an audience of peers and academic staff, present the research background, design, implementation, results, and conclusions orally.

⦁ Demonstrate communication and technical research abilities by writing reflective journals and project reports to defend and interpret challenges, approaches, conclusions, and professional decisions.

⦁ Demonstrate the application of knowledge and abilities while working in a team-based workplace with a high level of personal autonomy and accountability.

Capstone Project Assessment

Assignment 1: Group Report

Project Detailed Design and Individual Report

In this assignment, students will be submitting a collective group report as well as an individual report ( self and peer evaluation report).

Your group report should briefly discuss the research topic giving full details. Further details should include, a block diagram of the implementation, the role of each member, weekly plan, installation of hardware and software specifications, and other related design information.

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Assignment 2: Group Report

Project Implementation and Evaluation Report and Individual Report

In this assignment, you have to submit both group reports and individual reports. Your group report should include the following sections in brief, Step by step implementation process with appropriate references. If your project requires simulations, describe how the simulations were done, which software was used, what the inputs to the simulations are, and the results you got from the simulations. This section may contain tables, graphs, etc. Also, describe your implementation in brief.

Testing and troubleshooting techniques employed

Mention, that every system that is implemented and is needed to be tested. It does not matter whether is a software project or hardware, or a whole system combining both hardware and software. In all cases test the system for performance and record your findings on how the system you just implemented has performed.

Results and Evaluation based on research objectives

This section includes all major results and evaluates them on the basis of your research objectives.

Comparative Analysis

Discuss your results and explain them in such a way that the reader gets a clear picture of your report. Compare your results with MN961 Literature Review findings.

Project Innovation

Conclusion, Limitation, and Future Work : Draw your conclusions in this section and also refer to the future use of your report in brief.


Compile your reference list as used in the review and research sections. This section should not contain any reference to any article that you have not used. Use the IEEE Communications referencing format.

Assignment 3: Reflective journal on professional exposure- Individual Report

In assignment 3, every student has to prepare an individual report of a minimum of 1000 words outlining professional development during the professional exposure. You have to prepare a reflective journal, which helps you to identify important events and technical skills you learned during professional industry exposure.

Details of the report

The report should be 1000 words long and include figures, tables and references, and any appendices originating from the actual report on the industry. The report should have the following sections:

1. Title page, your name, school, and student number (1 Mark)

2. Technical Skills Developed During Professional Industry Exposure. Write a technical reflective journal incorporating the following points: (2 Marks)

    2.1 Did you have prior knowledge to understand the professional industry expectation? Map all units that were useful during your professional industry exposure and how well did you apply your prior knowledge and skills. Where can you use this exposure in the future? (1Mark)

    2.2 What are the new technical skills or knowledge you gained from your industry exposure? (1 Marks)

3. Mention professional skills developed during Professional Exposure. (4 Marks)

4. Include references. You should reference all the materials you have used in preparing this report. Ensure that your report follows the IEEE Transactions in Networking referencing format.

5. Include Professional Exposure Certificate/evidence of attendance/participation (4 Marks) Exposure details.

For each period of work exposure (there should only be one) list:

    • 5.1 Name of employer
    • 5.2 Type of business
    • 5.3 Your job title
    • 5.4 Dates of the exposure
    • 5.5 Full details of your professional supervisor (name, position, email, phone number)

Assignment 4: Group Presentation

This assignment is an oral presentation of the submitted video file. The total weightage of the assignment is 10marks in total. In this assignment, your whole group has to present the video presentation in front of the class.

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