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Subject Code – MN405
Subject Name – Data and Information Management
University Name – Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia


Data and Information Management
This subject MN405 Data and Information Management covers the fundamentals of networking as well as the use of database management systems to manage an organization’s data and information assets. The subject addresses the most important aspects of data management, such as database design and corporate data modeling using the Entity-Relationship diagram, and data analytics for cyber security.

The principles and issues of data warehousing, governance, administration, security and privacy, and alternative database structures are introduced. The unit focuses on establishing a solid foundation in information representation, organization, and storage, with a specific focus on database systems.

Important Terms:
Data Modelling– The practice of examining data objects and their relationships with other things is known as data modeling. It’s utilized to look into the data requirements for various business activities. The data models are constructed in order to store the information in a database.
Relational Model– A relational database is a form of database that stores and allows access to data elements that are linked. ER to relation mapping is used to represent relationships between entities.
Tableau– is a data visualization software that is used for data analysis and business intelligence.
SQL– SQL is a database language that is designed for the retrieval and data management of relational databases.

Melbourne Institue of Technology, Australia
Melbourne Institue of Technology is a tertiary educational institution with campuses in Melbourne and Sydney. The institute provides a wide range of courses to international students in various disciplines like Accounting, Marketing, Management, Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, Telecommunications, Networking, Data Analytics, and many more.

Assessment Details

Learning Outcomes-

⦁ Understand the fundamentals of networking as well as the data requirements of a network.
⦁ Determine the information needs of the organization.
⦁ Using conceptual data modeling tools, model organizational information requirements.
⦁ Convert conceptual data models to relational data models and use normalization techniques to check structural properties.
⦁ Using a database system, create and use a relational database.

Assessment 1
This assessment has two parts: Part A & B.
Part A – Data Modelling
Question 1: Create a database (15marks)
Assume that you are working as an IT specialist in an organization and are required to extract information from this database by building the database and executing SQL queries according to the instructions given below.

Write primary keys and foreign keys in each table.

Question 2: Write SQL querries (10 marks)
a. Display details of the “Apartment_Bookings” table in the database. [5 Marks]
b. Prepare a list of all the records in the “Apartments” table and organize them in descending order of the “apt_number”. [5 Marks]

Part B – Conceptual Data Modells and SQL queries
Question 1: Write SQL queries (25marks)
Question 2: ER-to-Relational Mapping (10marks)
Question 3: Research and trends ( Big Data Analytics for Cyber Security)

Assessment 2 Data Model Development and implementation

This assignment consists of Part A and Part B.
In Part A: you will identify organizational information requirements and create a conceptual
data model using the Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD). Then you will implement it by converting the conceptual data model into the relational data model.
In Part B: You will apply fundamental principles of networking to devise a networking

Model Building
a. Build this model using MS Access/ SQLite by creating these tables and Relationships.
b. Populate these tables with appropriate data; include at least 2 records in each table. Include the following in your MS Word document. (10 Marks)
I. If you are using MS Access include the following screenshots Relationship diagram created in Access. (Select database tools Relationships in the Access menu)
Datasheet view and design view of your tables.


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