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  • Lucy Martin
    Updated March 30, 2022
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    MSCS502 Advanced Data Structures

    Subject Code



    Subject Name


    Advanced Data Structures

    University Name


    Marist College, New York, USA



    he subject MSCS502 Advanced Data Structures includes- Linear and Non-linear data structure, linked lists, stacks, 

    he subject MSCS502 Advanced Data

    queues, trees, heaps, hashing, UML/ ER diagrams, etc. UML (Unified Modelling Language) is used to visually represent a software system.

    Structures includes- Linear and Non-linear data structures, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, heaps, hashing, UML/ ER diagrams, etc. UML (Unified Modelling Language) is used to visually represent a software system.

    ER (Entity Relationship) is a pictorial representation of the real-world entities and their relationships with one another.

    This subject is a pre-requisite for students who are pursuing Master’s in science (MSc) without doing graduating with a BS in Computer science.

    Advanced Data Structures is one of the most important disciplines of computer science since they are used for storing, organizing, and managing data and information for efficient, easy access, and modification. Advanced data structures are the foundation for designing and developing efficient and effective software and algorithms.

    To become a skilled and successful programmer one should know how to create and construct decent data structures. With the rise of new information technology, working practices, its scope is likewise expanding. So in order to grow as a programmer this subject is very important and necessary to learn.

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    Brief About Marist College, New York

    Marist College is located in Poughkeepsie, New York offering excellent education to students. According to US News and World Report, Marist College is ranked 7th position for undergraduate teaching in New York.

    Assessment Details

    In this assessment, you will design a database in its entirety. A legit one, one that is intended to actually solve real-world requirements.

    You have decided to join an early-stage startup called Map cushion with a strong vision for their project, but no actual product (yet). They want to create an indoor localization software that will track devices by triangulating the signal emitted via Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons.

    Their target market is K-12 schools and the goal of the product is to provide officials with a real-time map of teachers and other personal locations in the case of an emergency (active shooter, etc). In addition to the tracking capabilities, the software also allows for guest check-in by scanning a visitor’s ID (driver’s license).

    Your role is to design the database schema that will make it all possible. You may use the DBMS of your choice for this project, but it must be relational.

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    There are 3 major pieces to this project, and 2 large deliverables.
    1. High-level understanding of requirements: Review requirements, functional description, mockups, and this documentation. Make sure to ask questions if there are any areas you are not sure about (all questions must be directed to the forums).
    a. Deliverable: none
    b. Suggested time frame: completed within the first week
    2. UML-based ER diagram: You must create a complete ER diagram for the Mapcushion
    data schema.
    a. Deliverable: UML ER Diagram in PDF format
    b. Suggested time frame: by the end of the project’s 3rd week
    3. Database creation scripts: In the database management system of your choice you must create a SQL script that will create the entire database schema including all Keys, Constraints, Views, etc.
    a. Deliverable: Database Script in the format used by relational DBMS of your choice.
    b. Suggested time frame: end of the project.

    Assessment 2

    Building on your GitHub Java project from previous assignments, implement a basic hash table structure from scratch without the use of any built-in libraries or utilities.


    1. Create a class to define your custom hash table implementation.
    a. The class should contain at least the following attributes with getters and setters for each.

    int collision count

    int P with 13 as a default

    int M as the table size with a default of 101

    LinkedList[M] hash Table

    b. Create a `void clear()` method to remove all content from the hash table.
    c. Create an `int hash(String key)` method that calculates the integer hash of the string parameter using a polynomial rolling hash function.

    H(s[0], s[1], … , s[n]) = (s[0]*p1 + s[1]*p2 + … + s[n]*pn) mod M
    where M is the size of the table class attribute, n is the length of the string, and P is a base integer value class attribute.

    Collisions should be handled via simple separate chaining using a modified version of your LinkedList class from assignment 1. Simply add another String attribute to your LinkedList node class to hold the value or key.

    A counter should be kept to track the number of collisions.

    d. Create an `int insert(String key, String value)` method to insert a string parameter into the hash table based on the output of the hash method. The method should return -1 if the hash table is full, 0 if successfully inserted, and 1 if the key existed already.
    e. Create an `int remove(String key)` to remove a key-value pair from the hash table.
    The method should return 0 if successfully and -1 if not found.
    f. Create a `String read(String key)` that returns the value stored in the hash table for the key parameter and null if the key is not found.
    g. Create a `String search(String value)` that searches the hash table for the value string and returns true if found otherwise false.
    h. Create a ` String printHashTable()` to print out the contents of the table in the format “hash(key): key” separated by newlines.

    2. Update the main method of class to read in the contents of the file specified on the command line, like ‘data/input0.txt’.
    a. Create an empty instance of your HashTable class.
    b. Insert each line of the file as entries into your HashTable instance.
    c. Print the size of the hash table and the number of collisions. Then print the content hash and key pairs of your HashTable instance. Only print the pair if the value has content. Sample output below.

    3. Increment the version number to 3.0.0 throughout the project code and documentation. HINT: Check out the pom.xml file and

    4. Make sure you adhere to the contribution requirements outlined in the like having proper JavaDoc and passing checkstyle analysis.

    5. Commit any final updates and push the commits to the remote ‘dev’ branch.

    6. Submit a pull request from the dev branch to your main branch.

    7. Add ‘gildmi’ as a reviewer to the newly created pull request.


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