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Financial Management studying will help the students to identify and analyze the financial decisions made by the financial team and develop skills that are helpful in the decision making of the firm. It also takes into account financial statement analysis and financial need forecasts; capital markets, financial institutions, and instruments, security valuation, capital budgeting and risk analysis, the cost of capital, financial and operating leverage and dividend policy.


We served the following inquiries from assessment task 2.

a) In Finance, the focus is more on wealth maximisation of the shareholder, though profit maximisation is considered as a part of the wealth maximisation objective. Discuss.

b) Define “the stand-alone principle” applying in evaluating projects and discuss the types
of cash flows in project evolution.


previous years assets

a) Given an expected increase in sales of 12%, what is the amount of external funding required?
b) To maintain the current debt/equity ratio how much debt and how much equity is required?
c) Assuming the company is only operating at 95% capacity, how much new funding (if any) is required? (2+2+2=6 marks)

Question3.  Active PLC is a leading investment company in Australia and you the below details relating to the capital structure of the company.

current capital stucture

a) Calculate the cost associated with each new source of finance. The firm has no
retained earnings available.
b) Calculate the WACC given the existing weights
The financial controller does not believe the existing capital structure weights are appropriate
to minimise the firm’s cost of capital in the medium term and believes they should be as follows




a) Given an expected increase in sales of 13%, what is the amount of external funding required?
b) At this growth rate what is the addition to retained earnings?
c) Calculate the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR)
d) At the SGR what external funding is required?
e) What would be the growth rate at which no external financing would be required? ( 6 marks)


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