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Subject Code – CO4804
Subject Name – MSc Project
University Name – University of Central Lancashire, England

MSc Project – CO4804

MSc project CO4804 provided by UCLan majorly focuses on dissertation writing and creating a report. The main aim of the project is to help students develop the ability to solve complex problems, using appropriate skills and knowledge acquired. The unit aims-
To develop students’ ability to critically reflect on their work and on the work of others.
To enable students to demonstrate disciplines of time management, project planning, and reporting on progress.
To encourage students to read to discover best practices.
To develop the ability to apply theory in the real world.

What is a Dissertation?
A dissertation is a long piece of writing of ten to twenty thousand words on a topic chosen by the student or one assigned by the department. It is usually organized into chapters and may include headers and subheadings, which are occasionally (but not always) numbered in the same manner that a report is.
Dissertations respond to a specific research subject and can report on either an empirical or a literature-based study.

Steps to writing a successful dissertation that helps you score top grades-
Understand what exactly a dissertation is
Find a unique and clear research topic
Draft a convincing research proposal
Write a brief introduction chapter
Undertake in-depth literature reviews
Conduct your own research
Present your findings in a proper manner
Draw the conclusion and discuss the implications

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University of Central Lancashire, England, UK
UCLan is a public education institution based in the city of Preston, Lancashire, England. The university has spread its campuses in Preston, Burnley, and Westlakes and also a satellite campus in Larnaca, Cyprus. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses to students worldwide.
Assessment Details
Learning Outcomes-
Compile plans that take legal, ethical, and professional considerations into account, and keep track of progress.
Create solutions based on a set of specifications.
Place the project work in context by comparing it to scholarly literature or other alternatives.
Create a software product, do research, or conduct an inquiry.
Present the work’s process, product, and findings in an appropriate way.
Compare and contrast the value of the product or the worth of the research/findings to other work in the field.
Evaluate the process of finishing a large undertaking critically.


Each student will select his/her own topic for the project, within the constraints imposed by their particular Master’s program. Relevant literature and other sources must be used throughout the project, with thorough use of sources relating to the project question.

The student produces a thesis appropriate to their chosen route that describes:
Methods, tools, and techniques used,
Evidence, arguments, and conclusions about the project question,
Critical evaluation of methods and product.

Three types of evidence are assessed:
Working documents: proposal, contract, project plan, and diary. (learning outcomes 1, 3)
Interview: demonstrating the product or outcomes and answering to an informal viva. (learning outcomes 1, 4, 6)
Final written thesis. (learning outcomes 1- 7)
A more formal viva is required after the report has been assessed to allow moderation.

MSc project types and structure
In a research project, you investigate a problem, defined as a research question, and report the results of your study. You are expected to conduct primary research, this means you are collecting your own data and analyzing this in order to answer your research question. A research project is not a review of the literature or reporting others’ results!

Developmental Projects
You are expected to develop a computer artifact, this could be an app, web-based, or desktop-based system. You are required to design and develop a system using appropriate software engineering methodologies and these should be reported and documented. You need to be able to establish a set of requirements and from these, design and develop the system.

Project Structure
There are two documents that you are expected to submit in order to pass your MSc, the thesis and the report. You cannot pass your thesis component without submitting the report, which includes ethical approval and supervision logs.

Report ( 40%)
The report is worth 40% of the project mark as is submitted at the end. It comprises the following sections: project management, supervision meeting logs, and a critical reflection of the project.

Thesis and Project Interviews/ Viva (60%)
The thesis should have the following sections, introduction, literature review, design/analysis,
implementation, testing/study discussion, and conclusions.


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