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  • GTE Requirements and Strategies For Applicants
  • Lucy Martin
    Updated November 3, 2022
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    GTE Requirements and Strategies For Applicants

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    GTE Requirements and Strategies for Applicants



    f you intend to further your education in Australia, this article perfectly fits you. To apply to study in Australia, you must 

    f you intend to further your education in

    demonstrate your genuine intent to visit as a student. You must be very clear about the temporary nature of your stay.

    Australia, this article perfectly fits you. To apply to study in Australia, you must demonstrate your genuine intent to visit as a student. You must be very clear about the temporary nature of your stay.

    Writing an impactful genuine temporary entrant decides your fate for VISA, but it is not easy. Let us take a virtual tour of the entire GTE process to help you make sense of it all.

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    What is Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)?

    Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirements is a tool to assess whether the VISA applicant intends to stay in Australia even after the expiry date. You apply for a GTE to attain quality education in Australia. Student VISA application form must include a personal statement addressing the GTE requirement within a word limit of 2000 characters.

    Along with your GTE statement, you must attach supporting documents with your application. No one would exclude you even if you intend to stay in Australia permanently after finishing your course. Department of Home Affairs takes a holistic view of your genuine temporary entrant stance based on your statement and the enclosed evidence.

    Aspects Verified by Authority before approving GTE Student Visa to Genuine Applicants.

    Personal and Financial Circumstances of the student

    Immigration History of the student

    If an applicant is a minor, then the intention of the parent’s Legal Guardians or spouse.

    Any other matter relevant to the intention of the student.

    Types of Studies Covered in SUBCLASS 500 or GTE Student Visa

    Education and Training in the Workplace

    Higher Learning

    Primary and Secondary Education

    Independent Postgraduate Research English Language Intensive Courses for International Students

    Non-award Short-term Courses

    According to the most recent GTE update in Australia, international students are now allied to take admission following the Covid-19 lockdowns. And they are also eligible for an emergency payout.

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    Evidence and Information You Must Include in Your Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

    The Basic Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirements are:

    You must be a genuine student and the Nature of your stay must be temporary.

    You must be fluent in English. Ministry of Home Affairs conducts numerous English proficiency tests to validate your skills. Like IELTS, TOEFL, IBT, Pearson Test of English (PTE), and Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) to name a few.

    Medical Certificate from a doctor Recognised by the Australian immigration department certifying your mental health status.

    Character Statutory Declaration Form to validate that you do not have any past criminal records.

    Adequate Health Insurance Coverage

    What are the GTE Criteria for a Student Visa?

    Previous Qualifications

    Academic certificates evidencing the current level of education.

    Name of the educational institution

    Duration of study

    The Gap in Academic Progression

    You must clearly state the reasons for your educational gap. What is impeding your smooth academic progress?

    Employment Status

    If the student is already engaged in a job in their homeland or third country

    Whether the proposed course is relevant to their previous or future employment

    Complete details like Name, Address, and contact details of a person who can confirm your employment.

    Period of service

    Your present designation.

    You envisage a relevant hike in remuneration after completing the course.

    Recommendation from the present employer

    Personal Circumstances in the Home Country

    If a similar course is available in the home country, reasons for giving preference to Australia.

    Your family background.

    An incentive to return to the homeland focussing on the personal ties with family, relatives, community, and employment.

    Whether the political situation is peaceful in the home country or not. Any situation of political, economical, or social unrest will incentivize the student’s return.

    The economic circumstances of the student also motivate the student to go back to their native land.

    Mention your Military Service Commitments.

    Immigration History

    In this section, you must provide details related to both your VISA and travel history.

    Whether you have applied for a permanent or a temporary VISA for Australia or else in the past. If yes, then the status of your requests- whether accepted, denied, or still under consideration.

    In the case of travel to Australia or any other country, did the student comply with the country’s migration laws? If not, what were the compelling situations that led to their non-compliance?

    If the student travelled to Australia in the past, did they comply with the VISA cease date or not? If not, then what were the reasons for such an extension?

    Value Addition offered by Course

    It Assesses Whether:

    The proposed course is in synchronization with the current level of education.

    The proposed course provides students with good employment opportunities or improves their employment prospects in their native land.

    Reasons for changing careers or academic paths.

    Circumstances in Australia

    Whether any family or community ties prevail in Australia or not. Any such affinity may hinder the student’s return to his own country.

    Whether the student continues his stay in Australia based on his Student or Student Guardian visa.

    Financial Stability

    Income Tax Returns filed by you or statements of Bank accounts

    Potential employment prospects- including expected salary, perks, etc after course completion.

    Documents evidencing previous employment or business activity for the past 12 months.

    How Can We Help You Pursuing Your Dream Course in Your Dream Location?

    As you have learned in the earlier section, English proficiency is a pre-requisite for a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). To showcase your skills, you must qualify for tests like IELTS or PTE. Many international students face denial in GTE due to poor scores on English proficiency tests despite academic excellence. Here, we rush in to help you. We are a world-renowned assignment help company that not only equips you with Genuine Temporary Entrant samples but also prepares you for A+ grades in your English test.

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    The Final Thoughts

    Assignment World is a top assignment help website that can help you write an award-winning genuine temporary entrant letter. No more worries for GTE writing as we hire exceptional native writers who have successfully qualified GTE in their academic careers. To get your copy of GTE samples visit our website today.

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