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Home Your Easy Guide To Australia's GTE Requirement For International Students
Lucy Martin
Updated November 3, 2022
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Your Easy Guide To Australia's GTE Requirement For International Students

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GTE Requirements and Strategies For Applicants


re you dreaming of getting into reputed universities in Australia? Then, you need to know about the GTE 

f you intend to further your education in

requirement and what a genuine temporary entrant is. Genuine Temporary Entrant is part of the student visa application process, where the student must apply, which is mandatory.

Australia, this article perfectly fits you. To apply to study in Australia, you must demonstrate your genuine intent to visit as a student. You must be very clear about the temporary nature of your stay.

The student has to provide substantial proof that they are coming to Australia temporarily just to gain a quality education and in no way to stay in Australia being a resident illegally. While the GTE Australia sounds complex and slightly confusing, it is neither. Let's start the blog now!!

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What is Australia's Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)?

Get to know here what a genuine temporary entrant in Australia is. It is a mandatory accomplishing criterion for international students when they apply for and procure an Australian student visa.

The Australia Genuine Temporary Entrant aims to showcase international students' intent to come to Australia only for study purposes. The GTE in Australia assessment comprises a questionnaire and a personal statement. The student might be called for an interview.

Some academic institutions will send the students a GTE questionnaire link after they apply, and some institutions might ask you to complete the GTE questionnaire along with a conditional offer of admission.

What is the essential GTE requirement in Australia?

To confirm a genuine student's status and accomplish an Australian GTE. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection needs personal statements on the following; -

Academic and employment copies.

Information on your background in the country where you are residing.

Potential situations Students may present themselves during their stay in Australia.

History of immigration.

Programme details.

Any additional proof portrays the intention to reside in Australia temporarily as a dedicated student.

If students are under 18, the legal guardians and parents are to be considered.

The authorities may request other information regarding the points above to determine the validity of your GTE in Australia.

Once all this information is provided, Home Affairs will assess the international students' applications for the GTE Australia requirement processes.

How Does The GTE Assessment Take Place?

There are a few steps students have to follow for GTE assessment, and these are four steps which are discussed below here;-

Step 1

The student must write an Australia Genuine temporary entrant letter to fulfill the GTE requirement.

Step 2

They must properly document their evidence before submitting it to the Australian authorities.

Step 3

Recheck it once everything is in the right order, including your letter and personal evidence, and submit it.

Step 4

After receiving the letter, the Australian authorities will verify and evaluate it to check the student's integrity and to stay in Australia only for study purposes. Giving sufficient evidence and documentation of the international student helps to fast-track their GTE process.

What Do The Authorities Evaluate For GTE In Australia?

Once the students submit their GTE Australia application, there are a few steps for GTE requirements that could go further. Sometimes, the applications are accepted immediately. However, the GTE assessment team sometimes requests other information based on various circumstances.


Personal situations in the parent country

The presence of ties indicates a commitment to return to the home country.

Explain why a foreign university was chosen over a local option if available.

Consideration of economic circumstances.

Recognition of military or government service obligations influencing the choice.


Potential situations for GTE in Australia

Strong ties indicate an intention to reside in Australia.

The level and provider of the chosen course.

Previous qualifications are relevant to the current study plans.

Plans or arrangements made for accommodation in Australia.

She demonstrated financial capacity to support living and study expenses.


Value of the course undertaken

Does the course one must take have relevance and importance in one's career or personal progression?

Reliability with the current level of qualifications

Expectations from the course


Immigration History

Immigration history is very important regarding the GTE process and the acceptance of applications. The international student has to furnish past travel details abroad. Certain factors must be accomplished; otherwise, the application can be rejected.

The two factors for immigration history are:

Previous visa applications were made for Australia and other countries.

Reasons for visa rejections and character verification outcomes.

How To Write A Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement?

If you are searching in Google for “ how to write a genuine temporary entrant statement,” this section will give you the perfect ideas on how to pen it down. The process includes; -


Start your statement with a nice and long introduction that clearly explains who you are, your background, and the purpose of your application. Also, mention clearly that you are applying for a visa to study.

Personal Background

Provide background information about yourself, including your education, work experience, and relevant achievements or accomplishments. Then, showcase your academic and professional goals and how studying in Australia aligns with them.

Reasons for Choosing Australia

You can explain why you have selected Australia as your destination for study with reasons. You can explain things you have chosen for quality of education, research opportunities, cultural diversity, or lifestyle.

Relevance to Future Plans

This study tour can be beneficial for long-term goals and aspirations. Mention how the experience in Australia will contribute to your personal, academic, or professional development.

Financial Capacity

Give financial evidence of genuine temporary entrant requirements that could support you during your stay in Australia. It may include bank statements, scholarship awards, or financial sponsorship letters.

Ties to Home Country

Why do you genuinely want to return to Your home country after studying in Australia? I have to explain. Discuss your family, employment, or community connections in your home country so that the immigration authorities could know your intention and they could comply with visa conditions.


Then, finally, you can close your statement by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be considered for a visa and assuring the reader that you will comply with all visa conditions if granted.

Proofreading and Editing

When everything is done, now turn to overview your GTE statement. I proofread and edited it. Check grammar and spelling. You can also get feedback from others to evaluate your GTE statement.

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Is English Proficiency a Must For Applying to GTE?

Yes, English proficiency is a must to fulfil the GTE requirement. The student must showcase that they are proficient in English to study or travel in an English-speaking environment in Australia. Most of the subclasses, especially (Student Visa, Subclass 500, training Visa (Subclass 407), and Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485), require those to qualify for the English language proficiency test who are coming to study here. These are the English language proficiency tests required for GTE requirements in Australia.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic)

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)

Occupational English Test (OET)

Can Students Work Part-Time While Holding The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Visa?

Students must think that holding this Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) visa can work part-time. Under this temporary skill shortage visa (subclass 482), one can work in Australia while studying. However, students can work 40 hours per fortnight (every two weeks) during their academy session. And when they have breaks or vacations, they can work full-time.

So, the student must stick to these work limitations outlined by their visa conditions to maintain their visa requirements and avoid any issues with their visa status.

Final Takeaway

GTE requirements are very important for international students who want to study at various universities in Australia. Many students get confused while providing this GTE document to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. So, this blog is the perfect guide for learning about GTE. It can also be very helpful for getting answers to the question of whether students holding GTE can do work or not. Read here….

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How long will it take to approve GTE in Australia?
The GTE approval process takes 4-6 weeks, depending on individual cases and the country where the application is being processed.
Does GTE get rejected?
Yes, GTE can be rejected when one student won’t furnish the required evidence finalised to meet GTE requirements.
Who will approve GTE in Australia?
The Department of Home Affairs will evaluate all your GTE documents furnished by you in a personal written statement that addresses the GTE requirement in English.
Why is GTE rejected in Australia?
The GTE was rejected due to a poorly written or unconvincing GTE (genuine temporary entrant) statement or failure to accomplish academic needs.

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