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One-Pager Marketing Plan must be your preference if anybody asks you to quickly describe your marketing strategy. One-Pager Marketing Plan will help you settle your ideas down into a paper with accuracy and a concisely compelling manner.

What Is One Pager Marketing Plan?

Think of it as a sheet the one-sheet, commonly known as an elevator speech or pitch. Its linear purpose is to intrigue the listener enough to want to hear the entire value proposal in no time. To explain: What is One-Pager Marketing Plan? It is a simple and short form of your proposal’s marketing plan or idea/objective as you have deduced it into a single sheet of paper. Where eventually you have to distill down your Marketing Plans in an organized manner. Also, it must contain details about what your company does and for whom in short lines. You can also display what a product or service does for the exact target markets.

One of the very fine differences you will be able to notice is that with the help of the One-Pager Marketing Plan it’s in documented format and is portable: it can be emailed easily, it can be shared on social media, downloaded, printed out, and so onward.

How To Write a One-Pager Marketing Plan?

A few points must be remembered in your mind regarding How to write a One-Pager Marketing Plan? The basic is the same, using the P’s of the marketing domain such as product, promotion, people, and placement. While assembling such mix we need to be very selective about what to include on a sheet of paper. A design format, proper layout, and a very appealing presentative manner to lure people to make them read your marketing plan. The information must be comprehensive & organized enough for people to absorb it quickly with a look.

With the further flow of the blog, you must remember to keep the very important points which are mainly for what the audience is seeking.
When framing your One-Pager Marketing Plan, be certain to incorporate these segments:

• Title: Have the name of the title such as it can be the name of the product or service and the duration of your method.
• Product or Service: There must be a point including the advantages of the products & the services it provides.
• Target Audience: Be specific while portraying your target audience based on consumer personas.
Key Differentiators: Consumers usually examine for the comparison in the products & the services that are being provided by a particular enterprise. Therefore, do not forget to mention the difference of being better.
• Benefits: You must not forget to emphasize the preliminary benefits of your products or services.
• Marketing Strategy: Frame out the Marketing-mix you will be employing in your One-Pager Marketing Plan to make it clearer & more precise.
• Special Offers: Outline the special offers to be provided with some special pricing or other deals as part of your marketing plan.
• Creative Elements: Some special components your team must focus upon can be a list of essential keywords, phrases, or topics to include in the One-Pager Marketing Plan.
• Media: A small column of media platforms you might take help for cite paid advertising or social media channels.
• Profit/Loss Projection: You must contain the evaluated profit or loss for the targeted products over the specified trade period.
• Considering Results: This part is basically to determine & analyze what each customer learned about the product or service. and on which platforms were present.

Some Questions to Keep in Mind While Crafting Your One Pager Marketing Plan?

1. Who is your audience? – What is the audience you are expecting some specifications will work fine. Be thorough. For example, “men aging between 35 and 55” is too vague. Rather, you can keep it something like “men ages 35 to 55 who are fathers, heads of household and who own advanced degrees” works satisfactorily.

2. What are the crises they are facing? – There is always a supplementary personality feature you will be selling with your products. What do consumers require to reach to resolve those worries? Likewise, be precise. For example, if you sell makeup products, you’re not just selling cosmetics – you’re marketing self-esteem and confidence.

3. Can your corporation address its underlying needs? – While proposing a product you must keep in mind to articulate your offerings and explain how they address the hidden problem in your One-Pager Marketing Plan.

4. What is your core marketing statement? – Your message must be precise and must cover its meaning in one or two lines.

5. What are your distinct marketing objectives? – Be very clear; enclose genuine numbers and timelines which are scheduled to be achieved. For example, perhaps you want to complete some targets within a week.

6. What are your key enactment indicators? – With the help of the previous point you will be able to estimate easily that you have achieved your goals. Aspire for an exact numeral within a defined period.

7. What is your marketing action plan? – The most crucial part of the One-Pager Marketing Plan is to define how you will execute your goal. Something you can mention is defining how you will focus on something like email marketing, offering exclusive discounts, or paid promotion on platforms like Facebook and Google.


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