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Guide for Making Effective Powerpoint Presentations

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Guide for Making Effective Powerpoint Presentations

Making an Effective PowerPoint Presentation is a skill that every student may not possess. In today’s time, every student has to prepare a PPT for their course presenting the required information regarding their research or project.

Powerpoint Presentations are an easy way of presenting your information and details.

Academic assignments are no longer solely centered on writing; instead, students are encouraged to employ different means of assignment, one of which is the Powerpoint presentation.

Here are some valuable tips 

  Effective Powerpoint Presentations

1. Avoid too many texts:

A key principle of making a successful presentation is to avoid too many texts. Don’t clutter every slide with vast information. 

Reduce the number of words on each slide by simplifying and limiting them. Use key phrases and only add information that is necessary.

2. Choose the right font style:
Always go for a classic font style instead of a creative one. Use the font in which your text is easily readable by the audience.

3. Use Basic Colours:
Colors are frequently used to add ‘flair’ to slides. It’s crucial to determine your audience and the presentation’s objective before choosing colors. 

In a presentation for college, it’s best to utilize bright colors. In a formal context, however, you must specify your colors based on your intended audience.

Use Infographics:
To make your PPT more impactful, include infographics like pie-chart, bar graphs, and minimal text as it gives an easy-to-understand overview of your topic. Use creative infographics to present your information.

Minimize unnecessary Transitions

Always remember that Less is More. Powerpoint offers a variety of transitions but at times excess use of these transitions makes your presentation distracting and childish. Use simple and appealing transitions to catch everyone’s attention.

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