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For Indian students Canada has always been an ideal destination for education, who want to pursue their graduation or master’s degree overseas.

You must be thinking why Canada is so popular with Indian students?

Canada is becoming incredibly popular among Indian students seeking higher education.  The reason students want to travel Canada is because Canada is a great place for international students for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Waterloo, Ottawa, and Montreal because of its multicultural environment, affordable high-quality education, stable economy, and openness to immigration. Canada is a natural destination for thousands of international students, with one of the longest coasts, immense wilderness, world-class cities, and a culture of tolerance and variety.

Every student once in his/her lifetime wants to travel alone and independently in order to pursue their dream course and in the dream country. Moving to a new country can be thrilling and sometimes intimidating for a student. 

The reality comes to the light when a student reaches Canada.No doubt every year, hundreds of students travel to the country with a lot of aspirations and dreams. But the darkside of these burgeoning numbers of students are the challenges faced by students there. Once the student joins the university, he/she starts facing a number of adversity and challenges.

Hurdles for Indian students

Expensive cost of studying and living in CANADA

Cost of studying and accommodation has always been a major concern for the students considering before travelling to Canada. Education institutions  in Canada often charge four times what domestic students pay, which is around 7,000 Canadian dollars. Also, expenses for lodging and meals add to the load. 

Mental Health Issues

Indian students often suffer from mental health issues because of the burden of not being able to recover debt that their families undertook for their education overseas. Difficulties in getting part time job by the students turn them to drugs which leads to overdoses, suicide and even prostitution.

Suffer from Exclusion/ Feel Isolated

Despite, social discrimination is not practiced and incouraged in any Canadian University or education institution, still sometimes Indian students feel they are humiliated and neglected.

 Also,Indian students frequently face difficulty adjusting to a new culture and environment. Different foods, habits, attitudes, lifestyles, and peer relationships are  again quite difficult to understand.


In a report, we came to know that  “Consultants in India are painting a rosy picture and then there’s a tragic side”. This misconception pose a tremendous pressure on students to recover the loan their families took for their studies and unable to do so, they turn to drugs and even to prostitution. 

Many Indian students were commiting suicide beacuse of mental stress and pressure.

In context to these cases, many initiatives have been started in Canada to encourage and protect more students  from indulging in similar activities like,

  • An initiative which offers counselling via webinars before students in India so as to provide them with a realistic picture of life in Canada and the hardship it entails.
  • One more  initiative was established which offers webinars on mental health counselling.
  •  Also, Canadian universities pay extreme attention to the safety of their students on campus.Almost, all campuses in Canada have a special body to ensure the safety of their International students.

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